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Given up booze? Here’s 10 tasty treats you deserve

Stoptober Tasty Treat: Freak Shakes

Make the most of being booze-free

  Comments       Posted on 26 October 2016

Given up alcohol? Well done, you’re leader of the health pack, my friend. And consequently as you’ve waved goodbye to those empty booze calories, you can indulge yourself in other ways with these tasty treats. We know, how good is that?



If you can’t have a pitcher of cocktail this Stoptober, how about filling your jar glass with various ice-cream shades, oreos, cream and whatever else you can find. Notonthehighstreet have started selling a Freakshake pack for £12 and it contains everything you need. Genius.

Chocolate cake

Never give up chocolate AND booze – it’s one or the other, OK! Let Stoptober be the perfect time to order that moist chocolate cake from the menu.

A fancy soft drink

The rest of your friends are ordering Prosecco, so why should you go without. Ask for the fanciest soft drink they have on the menu: elderflower presse? Why yes, thank you.

A Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary 😋😋 #eatclean #virginmarydrink #sunday #lazysunday #brunch #womenwhobrunch

A photo posted by Mariah Dassen (@mahriah) on

Just pretend there’s vodka in there…. you’ll be glad you’re doing Stoptober the next day when there’s ZERO hangover.


Rainbow bagels

Have you ever seen anything so pretty? Rainbow bagels are almost too gorgeous to eat. Almost.


Is it a doughnut? Is it a macaroon? It’s actually both – the macronut is the perfect hybrid. You’ve gotta get your kicks where you can.

Cake pops

Samen met rens bakken #cakepops

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Be warmed: Once you pop, you can’t stop.

Cookie milk shot

Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots for #SXSW and our event on Sunday night (Monday morning at 12am) @allison_pr #goodidea

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If you can’t do Tequila shots, how about a cookie shaped cup filled with a generous amount of vanilla milk this Stoptober?

Ice-cream wrapped in candy floss

We’d happily give up booze forever if it meant we could try these Milk Train desserts. It’s basically cones wrapped in candy floss, making them look like they’re floating on top of a cloud.

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